The hard choice of winter tires

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No one has problems with the choice of tires in summer. The clean pavement always has the same adhesion. But the changing conditions of the off-season and winter make millions of car owners to rack their brains every year.

winter tires

The ardent supporters of studded rubber claim that nothing else can provide minimum stopping distance in the conditions of harsh winter. If the road is covered with ice or a thick layer of snow, the studs are unmatched. They don’t cause any inconvenience on the central streets, cleared from snow (apart from the guilt about the destroying asphalt covering that, however, can’t bear winter in any case).

The non-studded rubber has its own fans. Its operation principle is different from that of the studded one. The rubber stays soft in the cold and literally sticks to. It has the good adhesion on the clean pavement and rolled snow, but they have nothing to cling to the ice. The test of non-studded rubber on the wet road didn’t show good results.

Choose the winter rubber according to the kinds of roads you drive on most.