Pads manufacturing WEEN is controlled by Toyota TC

Pads manufacturing WEENIn early 2011, the first official delivery of automotive components brand WEEN have began, issued within a joint project of the Dutch company WEEN H & H and the Japanese corporation Toyota TC (unit of Toyota Group). Partners have made as their aim to provide car owners with high quality parts, made at the level of the original components, but more affordable.


WEEN pads are created using proprietary technology BRAKE-SMART, due to which heat dissipation from the friction lining layer in an emergency is increased, and the presence in the composition of the friction layer of special pads resin provides low vibration.

Absent of noise during braking is provided by applying to the base disc pads with special anti-squeak coating. Design life of disc brake pads WEEN is not less than 30 thousand km, drum – not less than 70 thous. km.
Conformity of products WEEN with high corporate standards of the Toyota Group, confirmed by marking Ā«Supplied by Toyota Tsusho CorporationĀ».