How To Install Honda Accord LED Headlights

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What’s happening everyone my name is Phil with precision today we have a 2016 Honda accord will be installing LED headlights on. Now this insulation with compatible year models 2013 up. 17 ninth generation. And you can see here we’ve already done the install here on the path. Decides. When was showing you the exact same process here on the driver’s side. For using today 8811. LED conversion kit from precision site Honda Headlights. And all you really need the contents of the kit. And that should be all let’s pop the hood you started.

We’re looking here at the driver side and this is our age 11 vault right here number to reach around. This A frame I show you but we need to remove the connector here before we remove the ball. First thing I did take my thumb push down and pull down to remove that connectors. And then this bald I’m attorney counterclockwise. To remove known comes right out. Now in reality kit has 2 parts to the insulation you have the driver. And the ball itself ball was resolved explanatory that one goes back into the housing. Eterna clockwise to cut back in place but you have a power wire here do you connect. From the driver.

And you want to make sure this is a nice tight seal so that there’s a problem here for a water seal. And then you twist this one on top. That ensures a good. Watertight seal. Now the second part. Is the power cable here and that’s going to connect to the connector that we removed previously. Earlier. This one right here. This one goes on top. Love is in place. Now you wanna for the moment take your power driver. Push it down below. The Netherlands actually going to attach here on this side.

Will shake another angle weenies and 3 and tape to get it. Nice and slow begins this portion the chassis. And now we’re just gonna install the new LED. Now we’re in a zoom in here so you can see the Marquesas but I have 2 small ones right here in here and one larger one. And that it seems to the indentations on the opening for the headlight housing once those are in place. You can turn the ball to lock it in place. Now you can see some of the Marquesan is here. Please go ahead and come around on the bottom of Surf the palm. Okay so I’m in. And now I have to do. Turning clockwise. Recount that once locked in place. So. The last people that we need to do.

There is so preempt tape provided with your kid. When I change the angle so you can see on to this side where we end up putting our phallus. Our driver 9 attach it to secure in place. So this is where to put the ballots we just change the camera before you. A couple steps you take if your. Chat is a bit dirty you want to clean the saw this one ‘s a brand new car so there’s really not much. Grease or dust but there there is. Alcohol and a pad for a. Cleaning cloth is all you need. We have already here the 3 impound mounted onto our driver. Some of tape one side off. For the other side on. And we’re going to. Place this directly against the frame. And press down. One of Preston nice and tight.

Make sure it’s a good fit. And that’s all there is to it the wires a short nothing you don’t need a is it time to clean them up. A pretty much go the minimum distance. Between the ball. Around the chassis here over to the driver. As he should be all set. Political with those lights up like. So. And that’s the end of the installation. If you have any questions or concerns.