Everything you ever wanted to know about engine oil

The life of the vehicle directly depends on the quality of the engine oil and manufacturers produce a huge number of varieties of petroleum products (fuel and lubricants) for different types and brands of engines. For layman is quite difficult to make a choice, and this article will help you thoroughly understand all the intricacies of the issue.

engine oil

Types of motor oils: synthetic or natural?

Classification of motor oils starts with a definition by what way the base lubricant component – base is received. There are three types: mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic.

Choosing between synthetic and mineral oil should be done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the degree of engine wear. As newer engine is, so smaller the gap between the parts, and therefore we need a fine film of oil. In these cases, you should choose synthetic motor oil.

If the car has a decent mileage, more efficient is a semi-synthetic or mineral oil for the engine, which will provide the best performance. Keep in mind that some manufacturers recommend using only mineral oils, and these recommendations must be observed.