Diagnose the shock absorbers during the replacement of tires

In most countries, the average age of cars is increasing, which can hide some dangers.

Diagnose the shock absorbersRainer Popiol, the head coach of BILSTEIN in Ennepetal (Germany), knows that the most shock absorbers in the cars of 9, 10 and more years old suffer damages. But the process of deterioration is often invisible for the driver. In most cases, the maintenance includes only the visual inspection of shock absorbers, which gives the superficial result. It can lead to the hidden danger, the “playing” process in the car for a long time. As a result, the wheels lose the adhesion with the road surface, the braking distance increases by 20%, the danger of aquaplaning becomes higher with Qashqai led lights, and the work of such electronic systems ABS and ESP also being offset.

The shock absorbers must be checked by the professionals at least every 20 000 km. The combination of testing with the replacement of wheels minimizes the additional efforts and costs.