Choice of child car seats

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Choice of child car seats.

Literally, a couple of decades ago it was considered a luxury to have a car, and they were not owned by many people. Today, the car is available in almost every family, and with the increasing number of vehicles the risk of an accident repeatedly increased. It is therefore not surprising that children’s car seats have become mandatory rule.

child car seats

Today, there are five groups, which these products are divided into. Each of these groups is best suited for children of a certain size, weight and age.

After you decide the size it is mandatory to review all the necessary certificates relating to the safety of this model. Although the child car seat must comply with all European standards, not all of these devices are tested for side impact. Therefore, if possible, it is better to take the model that has been subjected to an independent crash test.

Next to that you need to pay attention is the seat belts. Do they keep the child if they are wide enough, isn’t there much press on the baby, and so on.