2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 – car Review

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If you’re thinking about it on its first go around but couldn’t quite pull the trigger. I’ve got good news for you plum crazy is back. Here’s a quick look at my favorite American muscle car the 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT 392. In October of 2009 nights announced an exclusive production run of the 2010 Challenger RT classic, and SRT 8 featured 1 crazy pearl coat exterior color. But this archived paint code wasn’t bottled up for long what earlier this year Dodge announced and other limited production run wild and crazy Challengers. Even though the 2014 models are available now.

2013 Dodge ChallengerAre still waiting to be harvested from dealer lots this was my challenger test drive since the cars rebirth and. Second 1 powered by the revived 392 hemi V8. In my nearly 17 years of evaluating cars I could only remember driving one other that was painted purple however not surprisingly another Chrysler group creation the Plymouth prowler in man did this one grab attention despite a design we’ve seen on the streets now for over 5 years. The challenger is the most authentically retro of the current pony cars and for that reason it holds the highest appeal for me its fusion of heritage styling classic American ride quality and unbeatable. New headligts halogen http://skinlighteningideas.com/dodge-challenger/headlights.html information on website, and let tail lights.

On New for 2013 a third mode is been added to the adaptive damping suspension allowing for auto sport in full blown tracks settings. And launch control is now standard even with this 6 main sticks, to the driver can adjust the launch RPM, to suit his needs while the performance pages capture the glory high grass 0 to 60. Flat Quotes numbers in the high fours witcher certainly feasible. Either way it’s a mind blowing experience cannot look to do again and again. This 470 horsepower challenger with the no charge dual silver stripes. Harman Kardon audio Natty and 20 inch black chrome wheels wrapped in 3 season, rubber stickers for 49 0 820 which includes a gas guzzler tax. Mileage is rated at 17 MPG. City. A much needed interior freshen along with other modifications will debut in the summer of 2014. For drive time I’m Steve Hampus.