2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 – car Review

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If you’re thinking about it on its first go around but couldn’t quite pull the trigger. I’ve got good news for you plum crazy is back. Here’s a quick look at my favorite American muscle car the 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT 392. In October of 2009 nights announced an exclusive production run of the 2010 Challenger RT classic, and SRT… Read more »

How To Install Honda Accord LED Headlights

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What’s happening everyone my name is Phil with precision LU.com today we have a 2016 Honda accord will be installing LED headlights on. Now this insulation with compatible year models 2013 up. 17 ninth generation. And you can see here we’ve already done the install here on the path. Decides. When was showing you the exact same process here on… Read more »

Diagnose the shock absorbers during the replacement of tires

In most countries, the average age of cars is increasing, which can hide some dangers. Rainer Popiol, the head coach of BILSTEIN in Ennepetal (Germany), knows that the most shock absorbers in the cars of 9, 10 and more years old suffer damages. But the process of deterioration is often invisible for the driver. In most cases, the maintenance includes… Read more »

Body repair of infinity.

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Body repair of infinity can be done in several ways: If on a surface there are abrasions, small dents and chips, carried a light body repair. Most often described damage occur due to careless parking. Restoring of paint cars, replacing the damaged items is not necessary. Small dents are removed by special tools without paint. In practice, rods and hooks… Read more »

Pads manufacturing WEEN is controlled by Toyota TC

In early 2011, the first official delivery of automotive components brand WEEN have began, issued within a joint project of the Dutch company WEEN H & H and the Japanese corporation Toyota TC (unit of Toyota Group). Partners have made as their aim to provide car owners with high quality parts, made at the level of the original components, but… Read more »

Everything you ever wanted to know about engine oil

The life of the vehicle directly depends on the quality of the engine oil and manufacturers produce a huge number of varieties of petroleum products (fuel and lubricants) for different types and brands of engines. For layman is quite difficult to make a choice, and this article will help you thoroughly understand all the intricacies of the issue. Types of… Read more »

The hard choice of winter tires

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No one has problems with the choice of tires in summer. The clean pavement always has the same adhesion. But the changing conditions of the off-season and winter make millions of car owners to rack their brains every year. The ardent supporters of studded rubber claim that nothing else can provide minimum stopping distance in the conditions of harsh winter…. Read more »

Choice of child car seats

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Choice of child car seats. Literally, a couple of decades ago it was considered a luxury to have a car, and they were not owned by many people. Today, the car is available in almost every family, and with the increasing number of vehicles the risk of an accident repeatedly increased. It is therefore not surprising that children’s car seats… Read more »